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My paintings are a record of my experience moving away from the familiar, understanding the ambiguities of an identity, and improvisation within a controlled framework.

Documenting conventional objects motivates my preparatory drawing practice. These ordinary items serve as a compass so I may understand where to build and invent from. I use painting as a container; an intimate space for thought and reconstruction. The rebuilt environment of the painting exists as a space or a thing. I orchestrate a conversation between energetic drawn marks and slowly considered painted forms. The decisions of color, abstracting an object, and providing a space and time within a painting, validate the significance of the entity.

I reassemble the familiar through painting. I am interested in the idea of domesticity, feeling at home within the familiarity of your possessions. Ordinary items in my domestic surroundings provide a platform for a sense of self. They are a point of reference. Stopping, slowing down, and absorbing some of the items that offer familiarity, illuminate the possible variations within an individual. I think about the attachment one feels toward an object’s form, regardless of its function. Many of the objects that exist in our spaces are what make it a home. I question this attachment as a valid attempt to acknowledge and claim a personal identity.

Ultimately, I collect and create new experiences through my commitment to drawing and painting, with the intent of uncovering a more authentic, varying sense of self.



TheTopRightDrawer  (a book of drawings)


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